November 23, 2021

Inspired by the power of ideas

Consultants are hired to solve problems. But once they are out of the company, their ideas vanish into Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Torsten R. Bendlin knew this all too well. We talked with him about how this experience led him to found Valuedesk:

“It was my old job that inspired the idea for Valuedesk. For years I was Chief Procurement Officer at Nolte Group, where I had seen a number of consultants come and go. The reason was almost always the same: cutting costs. And the problem was almost always the same, too: once the consultants were out, not much remained of all the ideas they had proposed. No matter how good the idea, sooner or later it would be lost in some Excel spreadsheet — and then the next (costly) consultants would arrive.  

In a nutshell: an exhausting, inefficient and unsatisfactory process. At the same time, I was convinced that a company's employees would know best how to cut costs, streamline processes and drive innovations themselves. The big challenge was how to identify and implement these ideas. With our Valuedesk platform, we offer such a solution. We tap into the employees' expertise, create a knowledge database and ensure that projects are put into practice. Help for self-help, if you will.  

I myself realized how important such help for self-help can be when I founded Valuedesk. I had an idea, but not enough capital. Thanks to my late MBA, I got into contact with the world of VCs and business angels. Thereby, I also got to know UVC Partners, who understood me immediately and not only invested capital but always met me as equals and supported Valuedesk with many valuable insights, advice, and their network."

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