November 2, 2022

ELISE becomes Synera: New Era for Connected Engineering Software

Bremen, November 2nd 2022 – Breaking new ground - that has been the mission of the Bremen, Germany based deep-tech company from the very beginning. "When we founded the company more than 10 years ago, we literally wrote this mission into our company name.  Evolutionary Lightweight Structure Engineering, which is what ELISE stood for," describes Dr. Moritz Maier, who co-founded the start-up with Sebastian Möller and Daniel Siegel. The name reflected the approach at the time, which was to support customers in achieving their development goals in bionic design and lightweight construction. "Although we offered our engineering services as a research group, contrary to the usual approach, we did not focus exclusively on research, but also on state-of-the-art software and technology," says Dr. Moritz Maier.  

But the systems available at the time did not meet the engineers' vision. Consequently, they developed one of their own: an algorithm-based software solution that defines not the components themselves, but the processes by which these components are to be created. "In doing so, we simultaneously invented our "Connected Engineering" approach - and evolved from a service provider to a software company," says Dr. Moritz Maier. "Our motto remains to this day: by engineers for engineers. Through Connected Engineering, we empower engineers in product development to develop faster, better and more effectively, and to digitize this process. Through Synera, people, departments and software can be connected and automated."  

The software company's name change underscores its new focus. "Connected engineering is the present and the future," says Dr. Moritz Maier. "The time is ripe. We are embarking on a new era in which we will harness synergies more efficiently than any other development approach on the market." Backing the move is a €14.5 million investment from Twitter and Slack investor Spark Capital, BMW i Ventures, Cherry Ventures, UVC Partners and Venture Stars. Dr. Moritz Maier: "We strongly believe in becoming the go-to tool for engineers. We stand by this vision with our new name: Synera."

About Synera 

The product | Synera stands for Connected Engineering and is the first low code platform of its kind transforming the product development process. Based on intelligent algorithms, it enables engineers to model product development steps digitally in a low code work environment, run them, and systematically reuse their work for new variants or projects.

This leads to a more efficient use of product knowledge and accelerates development significantly. Application areas include the automotive industry and aerospace. 

The company | Developed by engineers for engineers: The founders have provided engineering services at the Alfred Wegener Institute for over 10 years and have designed a visual programming language for more efficient design and execution of their projects.  Customers include BMW, Hyundai, MAN, EDAG, Premium Aerotec, and Miele. Formerly know as ELISE, the company became Synera in 2022. 

Funding | In 2018, Synera (FKA ELISE) received funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST programs.  After a successful seed round in 2019, ELISE raised €14.5 Mio in the series A round, backed by Spark Capital, Cherry Ventures, UVC Partners, Venture Stars and BMW i Ventures.

About UVC Partners

UVC Partners is a Munich- and Berlin-based early-stage venture capital firm that invests in European tech startups from pre-seed to series A. With more than €350m under management, the fund typically invests between €0.5m - 10m initially and up to €30m in total per company. With more than 100 industry partners in the network and a close cooperation with UnternehmerTUM, Europe’s leading innovation center, UVC Partners offers startups unique access to talent, industry contacts, and other financial partners.

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