January 30, 2020

Capmo closes new financing round

Capmo closes €5 million Series A funding round

Munich, 30 January 2020 – Capmo has successfully completed its Series A financing of €5 million. In addition to the existing investors, UVC Partners and HW Capital, VC Capnamic Ventures, which specializes in B2B SaaS, is investing in the Munich-based company. Well-known founders and business angels from the CDTM environment will also join the group of investors in the course of the round.

Capmo is the provider of the cloud-based SaaS solution for digital construction and is on its way to becoming the leading operating system for the construction site in Europe. The construction industry is one of the most important industries worldwide. Nevertheless, even many of the biggest players still work with pen and paper due to the lack of digital solutions.

While established providers of construction software focus on highly complex all-round solutions for the desktop, Capmo is developing a cloud-based operating system that combines the advantages of modern software with a wide range of functions. „Who benefits from software that could do everything but can’t be used by anyone,“ says Florian Biller, CEO and co-founder of Capmo. „We believe that the industry needs an intuitive all-round solution that simplifies every step on the construction site and makes people in the construction industry enjoy their work again. That’s why we’re building the intuitive operating system for construction sites in Europe.“

The fact that Capmo hits the mark with its software and its vision is proven by the steep growth curve of the start-up: the customer base has increased more than tenfold in 2019 compared to the previous year. Industry leaders like Max Bögl and Düsseldorf Airport are among them. After almost one and a half years, Capmo is now used for the digital management of thousands of projects with a construction volume in the double-digit billions, including the Frankfurt Grand Tower, Germany’s tallest residential building, and the Deutsches Museum in Munich.

„The construction industry is a crucial economic factor in every country and yet less digital and efficient than other industries. In the construction industry, a strongly customer-oriented and holistic solution like the one Capmo develops is overdue. It has the potential to make projects in the construction industry plannable, cost-saving and of high quality.“ adds UVC partner Dr. Ingo Potthof.

On the way to Europe’s market leader

With this investment, Capmo intends to further expand the cloud-based software into a comprehensive construction site operating system and win the European market for itself. „With this financing, we can take the decisive steps to further expand the product and the team.“ says Biller. „There is still much to be done before every construction site in Europe works efficiently and data-driven.“

About Capmo:

Capmo is an integrated software for companies in the construction industry. With their cloud-based solution, architects, construction managers, engineers, contractors and subcontractors can digitally capture, control, and coordinate all processes on the construction site and in the office. With linked mobile and web apps, Capmo enables smooth collaboration in real time and provides data-based recommendations for efficient and resource saving construction. The modern construction site operating system frees construction professionals from tedious paperwork and administrative tasks, so they can concentrate on the important things and the successful completion of their project.

The Munich-based software provider was founded in 2018 by CDTM graduates Dr.-Ing. Patrick Christ, Florian Biller, Florian Ettlinger and Sebastian Schlecht. Several hundred customers in Europe already rely on Capmo’s digital solution and use the software to implement well over 5,000 data-based projects.

More information on www.capmo.de/, LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/capmo/

About UVC Partners:

Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners (UVC Partners) is a Munich- and Berlin-based early-stage venture capital firm that invests in technology-based startups in the areas of industrial technologies, enterprise software and mobility. The fund typically invests between € 0.5 – 3m initially and up to € 12m in total per company.

Portfolio companies benefit from the extensive investment and exit experience of the management team as well as from the close cooperation with UnternehmerTUM, Europe’s leading innovation and business creation center. With over 180 employees and more than 100 industry partners, UnternehmerTUM can draw from many years of experience in establishing young companies. This cooperation enables UVC Partners to offer startups unique access to talent, industry customers, and other financial partners. The portfolio includes investments such as FlixBus, Carjump (Free2Move), KONUX, Blickfeld, 3YOURMIND and Vimcar.


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