September 27, 2022

AI Founders Office Hours

Let’s face it. Fundraising kind of sucks. It’s a necessaryevil and a means to an end: to finance your vision. It’s a lengthy, sometimes frustratingprocess that takes way too much time from actually building your company.

Especially for first time founders with technical backgroundsthe learning curve in fundraising can be very steep. But if done right, preparinga good fundraising strategy can turn out to be an effort worth doing in severalways. Not only will you increase the likelihood of securing an investment fromyour preferred VC (UVC says hello ;-)) but it can also be an invaluable exerciseto reflect on your overall strategy, gather feedback, and improve at sellingyour vision to others. Ultimately, this is one of the key traits of a good CEO –not only when talking to VCs but, much more importantly, when talking topotential customers or top talent you aim to hire.

We at UVC Partners love to partner up with early-stagetechnical founders and want to help you on the fundraising journey for your AIstartup. Therefore, we are happy to launch our AI Office Hours. Think of this asan informal Ask-Me-Anything session on your fundraising strategy. One-on-oneand completely confidential.

Next upcoming AI Office Hours

When? Friday, 4 November 2022, 9-12am

What? 1-on-1 advice in a short, private Zoom session with Oliver Schoppe, our expert on AI

How? Apply at least 1 week before to secure your spot. It only takes 5 minutes.

Who? Any founder/founding team that a) works on cool AI, b) sits mainly in Europe, and c) has not yet raised more than EUR 5mn so far. Ideating teams are welcome! Importantly, please do not apply if you had been part of our investment process already. This format is meant for those in preparation :-)

Secure your spot now!

To keep it simple, please just send a brief email to Oliver ( with

  • A short description of what you do
  • A very short overview of your status (team, product, business, funding)
  • The 1-3 most pressing questions you have
  • Your LinkedIn profile(s)
  • If available, share your website and/or (a draft of) your pitch deck

One last note on preparing for the session:

There are no stupid questions. We are happy to address anything that helps you turn your startup project into a success. But please do prepare your questions so we can make most use of the time. If you have any questions on the process, feel free to reach out to Oliver:

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